Economic Development Authority

The Rockingham County Economic Development Authority is dedicated to providing the highest level of assistance and service to new and existing businesses and industries in order to encourage economic investment, diversity and stabilize the economy, foster employment opportunities and prosperity throughout Rockingham County.

The EDA oversees the Technology Zone Incentives and work closely with these businesses and industries to identify creative solutions to challenging problems, generate enhanced opportunities for growth, and facilitate access to a broad range of needed resources.

The EDA is made up of a seven-member board with four year terms and meets at least annually.

The next meeting to be held December 13, 2023 at 8:30 a.m.

MembersElection District  Term Expiration
Kevin M. FlintElection District 1 12/31/25
Douglas DriverElection District 1 12/31/23
Wade RobinsonElection District 2 12/31/24
Neil W. HayslettElection District 312/31/25
Nathan H. MillerElection District 4 12/31/24
Timothy HulingsElection District 5 12/31/23
Gary SandridgeElection District 5 12/31/26
Casey Armstrong  (Ex-Officio)
Thomas H. Miller Jr. (Legal Counsel)

Contact Casey Armstrong if you would like to discuss potential projects in the County.