Technical Rescue Team

Technical Rescue TeamScope

The Rockingham County Fire and Rescue Technical Rescue Team (TRT) team is a multidisciplinary team that provides services to the citizens of Rockingham County and surrounding areas through mutual aid in the field of technical rescue operations.

The TRT team and all of its members follow NFPA standards 1670 and 1006 in order to provide the safest and most proficient outcome to any situation they may be tasked with carrying out. The team trains monthly as a whole and weekly while on shift throughout the stations in the county to maintain proficiency.

Countywide, there are four on-call teams that rotate shifts in order to provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All on-call teams are held to a maximum state of preparedness through continued training and commitment in order to carry out a wide range of operations when needed.

Regional Technical Rescue / Urban Search and Rescue Team

Rockingham County is also one of five jurisdictions that compose the Virginia Division 2 Regional Technical Rescue / Urban Search and Rescue Team, which is a statewide asset used when needed by the Virginia Emergency Operations Center.

This is a very specialized field in which all team members stay current with rescue tools, technology, training and tactics to keep up with ever-changing incidents that may occur.

Technical Rescue TeamDisciplines

  • Confined space rescue
  • Dive rescue / recovery
  • Ground search and rescue
  • High angle / rope rescue
  • Large animal rescue
  • Large area search
  • Structure collapse
  • Swift water / surface water rescue
  • Trench rescue
  • Vehicle / heavy machinery rescue

Team Members

  • Team leader - Lt. Doug Gooden
  • Squad captains - Jonathan Kibler, LT.Bryan Smith, Captain Noah Keller, and MFF John Coaker