Judgments & UCCs/Financing Statements


The Land Records Division dockets judgments rendered by the Rockingham County Circuit Court, including criminal judgments for fines and costs and restitution, abstracts of judgments from other Virginia Courts, federal court judgments, foreign court judgments, Commonwealth of Virginia liens and assessments, and federal tax liens.

The Land Records Division does not have pay-off information nor do we report any information to credit agencies.

Judgment Filing Fees

Docketing fee for abstract$10
Judgment Extension (Form CC-1535)$10
Judgment Assignment (Form CC-1462)$10
Foreign Judgment
(authenticated copy of judgment along with affidavit pursuant to § 8.01-465.3)
Federal Tax Liens, Releases, and Revocations$5
Judgment Release (Form CC-1463 or CC-1511)No Fee

Other Fees Regarding Judgments

Abstract of Judgment $5
Authenticated Abstract (formerly referred to as triple seal)$7.50

UCCs/Financing Statements

The Land Records Division may, upon presentation of the proper form and filing fee, record and index a financing statement upon the records of this jurisdiction. Filings not involving real estate are filed with State Corporation Commission only; fixture filings involving real estate are filed in circuit court. 

The filing fee for all financing statements is $20.

You can obtain UCC Forms at State Corporation Commission’s website.