Comprehensive Plan

The Rockingham County Comprehensive Plan is an official public document that serves as the county-wide guide for future decisions regarding development, preservation, public facilities, and other key components of community life. To keep the plan current, it is periodically reviewed; the last review was approved by the Board of Supervisors on September 23, 2015. 

The Purpose, the Process, and Major Elements and Themes
Policies for Growth Management:
Framework for Planning the Future
Conceptual Plan for Phasing Development to 2010, 2020 and 2050
Policies for Intergrating Land Use, Transportation and Utilities

Policies for Rezoning Decisions
Cooperation and Collaboration Among Local Jurisdictions
Policies for Specific Geographic Areas
Strategies, Policies and Actions for Natural Resources
Historic Resources
Agricultural Resources
Economic Resources
Land Use and Urban Design
Public Facilities
Community Culture and Identity