Personal Property Tax Relief

About Personal Property Tax Relief

The 2005 General Assembly capped the total cost of car tax relief for the Commonwealth of Virginia at $950 million. Each locality's share of the $950 million is based upon car tax relief reimbursements from the Commonwealth to the locality for tax year 2004. The affect of this change by the General Assembly is to reduce the amount of tax relief provided by the State for your vehicle.  Please contact your Commissioner of the Revenue at (540) 564-3062 or Treasurer at (540) 564-2408 if you have specific questions regarding your tax bill.

Tax Relief may be provided for passenger cars, motorcycles and pickup or panel trucks having a registered gross weight of less than 10,001 pounds.To qualify, a vehicle must:
  • Be owned by an individual or leased by an individual under a contract requiring the individual to pay the personal property tax; AND
  • Be used less than 50% for business purposes.

Motor homes, trailers, and farm use vehicles do not qualify for tax relief.

Tax Relief for Qualifying Personal Use Vehicles Only

  • If assessed value is $1,000 or less, the rate of tax relief is 100%
  • If assessed value is $1,001 - $20,000 the rate of tax relief is 40%
  • If assessed value is $20,001 and over the rate of tax relief is 40% on the first $20,000 of assessed value