Community Corrections

What Is Community Corrections?

Community Corrections is a program that was established by the Virginia General Assembly in the 1994, under the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act (CCCA), for local responsible offenders. The legislation enabled localities to expand probation services, implement local sentencing alternatives, and enhance sanctions for adult nonviolent offenders.

A judge may place adults with misdemeanors and class five and six felons on community corrections supervision prior or subsequent to a conviction under specified sanctions or special conditions.

Services Provided

  • Information to the criminal justice system (judiciary, magistrates, and commonwealth's attorney) that ensures the use of proper sanctions for each defendant appropriate to the circumstances of the offense, prior criminal history, previous adjustment to probation and/or treatment, and substance abuse screening and/or assessment
  • Supervision through a variety of intermediate sanctions consistent with the community's views regarding offender accountability, responsibility, punishment, and concerns for public safety
  • Assurance to the community that the offender is held accountable for his / her criminal behavior through probation supervision, payment of restitution, fines, and costs, performance of community service work, and completion of treatment or any other special conditions of probation
  • Opportunities for offenders to participate in educational, training, job placement, and treatment services that will enable them to become more functional members of the community

Commonly Used Terms

  • Misdemeanor - A criminal offense that is punishable by fine up to $2,500 and/or up to 12 months of confinement in jail
  • Felony - A major criminal offense typically punishable by imprisonment for one year or more or up to 12 months in jail and/or a fine
  • Disposition - The established outcome of a case
  • Sanction - A condition used to enforce a law or certain standard
  • Restitution - The return of property or compensation to a victim, usually in the form of money
  • Show Cause - An order to appear in court (summons)
  • Capias - An order to take a person into custody (arrest warrant)