Supervision Process


An offender may be placed on supervised probation for a period of up to two years instead of serving an entire jail sentence or paying a fine. Disposition of a case may include:
  • Guilty - Offender may be placed on probation with or without a suspended jail sentence and/or fine.
  • Deferred Disposition - Case may be taken under advisement or placed on deferred status. A deferred disposition case may be dismissed if defendant is compliant with conditions of supervision for a specified period, generally one year.
  • Not Guilty


A community corrections officer (case manager) supervises the placement (offender or defendant). The case manager assists in meeting the terms of supervision and reports noncompliance when the conditions of supervision are not met.


Should an offender or defendant become noncompliant, a show cause or capias for an arrest may be issued. When the case is returned to the court, additional or more restrictive sanctions may be imposed by the judge. Sanctions may include any combination of the following:
  • Community service work
  • Extension of supervision
  • Fines
  • Home electronic monitoring
  • House arrest
  • Incarceration