Manufactured Home Placement Permits

What do I need to obtain a manufactured home placement permit?

  • Deed or letter of permission from property owner
    • Deed Book / Page Number / Date Recorder
  • VDOT entrance permit or letter stating existing entrance is sufficient
  • Health Department permit for new well and / or septic
    • Or Health Department permit stating that your existing system will serve new permit (single wide, or double wide)
    • If the property will be connected to County water/sewer, receipt is needed showing paid connection fees prior to obtaining a building permit
  • Sketch / drawing showing setbacks to all property lines
    • If the property is within town limits, then zoning approval is needed from the Town before application for placement permit
  • Size, year & model of manufactured home (not including the tongue)
  • Size of decks to be placed at each entrance (minimum 3x3)
    • A drawing of each deck larger than 3x3 will be required showing footer depth/size, material used and spacing
  • Name of contractor setting home
  • Name of electric company
  • A mechanical permit will be required for any Mobile Home that will have an outside heating and/or cooling unit (Heat pump/Central Air)
  • If Manufactured Home is new, a floor plan detailing interior and setup of home will be required on site at time of inspections
  • If you are placing double wide on permanent foundation a drawing of that foundation will be required at time of application