Massanutten Technical Center Fire & Rescue

MTC Patch.pngMTC offers a two year Fire/Rescue Program. Students must be at least 16 years of age to be able to attend the first year program. Students are encouraged (but not required) to join a local fire department or Rescue Squad to obtain experience and to help them learn the trade. Each student completes a Mentor Packet that requires that they visit a fire station (first year) and rescue squad station (second year) to help them learn about that agency and related information such as:
  • Types of apparatus
  • Agencies officers
  • Target hazards in the first due area
  • Response procedures
  • Phone manners
  • Fund raising information
Students go to the Training grounds on Mosby Road on a regular basis to complete the skills training for the required JPR's that need to be completed for skills such as Ladders, Search and Rescue, Ventilation techniques, Advancing Hose Lines, Vehicle Extrication, Car Fires, and the Live Burn.

Students are issued a full set of turn out gear that they use throughout the year. Students that are already a member of volunteer agency may use their agency gear with permission from their agency. Once students complete the two year program, they are eligible for 3 college credit hours towards their college degree at a reduced rate.

We are considered Station 99. We normaly house both a firetruck and ambulance. We just received 6 new SCOTT air packs for use in our program. Thank you to MTC for purchasing them.

First Year Students: 
When they finish they will have the following certifications:
  • First Aid - American Heart Association
  • CPR - American Heart Association
  • Firefighter 1 - Department of Fire Programs (Pro Board Certified)
  • Hazardous Materials Operations - Department of Fire Programs (Pro Board Certified)
  • ICS 100 - FEMA
  • ICS 700 - FEMA
Second Year Students: 
When they finish the second year they will have all the above certifications plus:
  • EMT-Basic - National Registry and Virginia Office of EMS certifications
  • Firefighter 2 - Department of Fire Programs (Pro Board Certified)
  • ICS 200 - FEMA
  • ICS 800 - FEMA
  • Landing Zone Coordinator - PHI Aircare 5
MTC participates in SKILLS USA competition. We have school, regional, state, and national competitions. For the Fire/Rescue program we compete in three categories: Firefighter, EMT, and First Aid/CPR.