Courtroom Technology

All 3 of our courtrooms are equipped with the Nomad Digital AV Podium. The interactive technology with these podiums includes:

  • Confidence Monitor: Duplicates any image that is being shown on the big screen. Presenters can remain confident in what is being seen by the audience while maintaining a natural, face-forward presentation. 
  • Document Camera: The 21st century version of the overhead projector…without the transparencies. The doc cam gives presenters the ability to display any type of non-digitized content in real-time, such as books, newspaper articles, 3D models, etc.
  • Annotation including witness annotation: By using the touchscreen monitors, presenters or witnesses can draw on or highlight the image on the screen. Multiple colors can be used, if needed.  
  • Mounted Touch Screen Controller: The touch screen controller provides presenters with a user interface that allows them to easily control the AV podium.
  • Blu-Ray Player: The Blu-ray player gives presenters the ability to play previously recorded content that is stored on CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs.
  • Personal Device Connections (BYOD): Hard-wired HDMI and VGA cables give presenters the ability to present multimedia content from their personal devices such as notebook computers, tablets and smart phones. 
  • Blank Image: The image on the big screen can be quickly blanked and restored as the confidence monitor stays active in cases where the visual aid needs to be prepared before it is presented.

Training Website

If you are going to be using our courtroom and want to familiarize yourself with the technology offered with these podiums, please visit the Nomad AV Systems Online Training site for video guides based on the exact model of podiums that we have in the courtrooms.