Home Safety Visits

Home Safety Visits 

While it may not be possible to stop all emergency incidents, reducing risk helps members of our community live safer and healthier lives, be prepared for emergencies that cannot be prevented, and recover more quickly when unwanted events occur.  We can prevent many emergency events from ever occurring by changing behaviors through education, changing the home environment, or enacting other preventative measures.


A fire and life safety education from RCFR will visit your home and offer suggestions on making your home a safer place.


During the visit personnel will help residents identify potential hazards and offer advice on how you can prevent fires and injuries in their home.


We are able to accommodate requests from residents that wish us to visit their home weekdays 8 am to 5 pm, and other times by special request. Call 578-4131 to set up an appointment. 


“When people know better, they do better.” It is easy to get so comfortable with how things are that we do not see the dangers all around us. A fresh set of eyes can help residents identify potential hazards. 

During the home safety survey visit personnel can work with the resident to:

  • Review specific safety messages regarding kitchen and heating safety.
  • Confirm placement and operation of smoke and CO alarms.
  • Discuss the benefits of sleeping with bedroom doors shut.
  • Develop a home escape plan.
  • Review proper use of fire extinguishers.
  • Review proper storage of household cleaners, chemicals and medications.
  • Identify trip / fall hazards and discuss potential environmental modifications to increase safety such as rearranging furniture, removing throw rugs, increasing lighting, and installing grab bars.


“There is no honor in responding to an incident that could have been prevented in the first place.”

-Mary Marchone, National Fire Academy


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