Hope Card

What is a Hope Card?

It is a laminated card, similar in size and shape to a credit card, that contains all the essential information about a civil protective order in a durable, easy-to-read format. The card is a convenient way to carry around the important information found on a protective order. It does NOT replace the existing protective order. Law enforcement still must verify the order in the Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN) when presented with a Hope Card. The Hope Card contains information such as:

  • Identifying characteristics of the person being ordered to "stay away"
  • Issue/expiration date of the order
  • Terms of the order, including possession of residence, etc.
  • Other protected parties

Frequently Asked Questions flyer - Spanish 

Who is eligible to apply for a Hope Card?

Hope Cards are available to those with a final civil protective order issued at any level of a Virginia court for a duration of 12 months or longer. Hope cards are not issued for emergency protective orders, preliminary protective orders, or "no contact" orders in a criminal case.

How does someone apply?

To apply for a Hope Card, complete the application and submit it to the court where the final protective order was issued and processed by the Clerk.  Once the application has been completed it must be turned into the court Clerk where the final protective order was issued and processed by the Clerk. A Hope Card will be sent directly to the applicant. For cases in which victim safety is a concern, the card may be sent elsewhere. This should be indicated on the application. Spanish copy for reference only

When will the Hope Card arrive?

Most Hope Cards are processed and mailed to the applicant within 14 business days of the Clerk entering the request into the system.


If you have further questions about the Hope Card Program, please contact Anne Helms, Hope Card Program Coordinator with the Department of Judicial Planning, Office of the Executive Secretary, Supreme Court of Virginia.