Plan Review

Building plan review for residential and commercial projects requires a minimum of 15 business days to complete once all required documents are received. Based on scope and size of project, this process may require additional time. 

 Construction within the floodplain will require a Certificate of Elevation to determine finished floor elevation and an engineered foundation design at time of building permit application. For more information on floodplain requirements, visit Rockingham County’s Environmental Services .

How to Apply

Plans are required to be 1/4-inch scale. submit digital plans through the online portal  or email directly to a Building division Permit Specialist. If digital copies are unavailable, visit the front desk of the Department of Community Development to submit your plans and supporting documents. 

2018 Code Changes
2018 Residential Code
2018 Commercial Code 

General Residential Building Plan Review Requirements

The following minimum requirements must be shown on the submitted residential plans for review.  

  • Elevations showing proposed final grade. 
  • A foundation plan with pier and footer size, type of foundation wall, with required reinforcements, girder system, and supports. 
  • Floor plan with all rooms labeled, including the size of each room. Door and window schedule. Label egress and tempered glass, where required. 
  • Type of floor system: engineered floor systems, floor truss, I-joist, etc., conventional frame, lumber. 
  • Type of roof system: engineered roof truss or I-joist. Conventional frame: lumber or other roof systems, include roof view for conventional roof system. Design for 30-pound live load on roof system, to include dead loads. 
  • A wall section to match house plans, with footer design, including foundation walls, stem walls, floors, frame walls above foundation and roof system. Include inside wall coverings (i.e., wallboard/paneling), insulation, outside wall coverings, and foundation coatings; include foundation drain, if applicable. 
  • Structural engineering will be required for steel I-beams, including engineered or manufactured building elements, support posts, suspended concrete floors, and concrete slabs exceeding 24 inches of stone fill, or more than 8 inches of dirt fill. Engineering may be required to complete construction drawings when the design shows unusual loading conditions or when the design exceeds the scope of the building code. 

Plans and designs that show a copyright will require written consent from the designer.