If your business or home address is not appearing, or is showing incorrect information or location, on websites such as Google Maps and MapQuest, or GPS devices/apps such as Waze or TomTom, please report the error directly to . This is an official website of the federal government that provides information about common GPS issues and how to report them. 

North and south-running roads are numbered beginning at the end closest to U.S. 33, and east and west-running roads are numbered beginning at the end closest to U.S. 11.

New Construction

Rockingham County assigns a new address once the footer inspection has been approved on a new residence. This process may take up to two weeks. Once assigned, the applicant will be notified through email.

 All lots within named subdivisions are pre-addressed.  
 Addressing Guidelines & Method  

Property with No Residence

Addresses for non-residence structures must first be approved by the Zoning Administrator. In the case of no residence being located on the property, an address may be obtained prior to construction of a new residence if a VDOT-approved entrance permit has been issued and the entrance has been completed. 

 Once these steps have been completed, contact the GIS division to obtain an address. 
 Addressing Guidelines & Method