Online GIS

Map Layers

The Map Layers selection contains all the various combinations of data that can be turned on and off by expanding the folders contained within this view and selecting/unselecting the options. Default combinations of up-to-date layers will enable the user to visualize and access Rockingham County’s GIS data, which includes primary and secondary roads with corresponding labels, parcel boundaries, structure locations, 911 addresses, etc. More details will appear when zoomed into the map. The Base Map Data folder allows for different backgrounds to be selected which can utilize aerials courtesy of VGIN, MapQuest OSM, or Rockingham County’s designed base map. 

Map View

The Map View selection contains a quick zoom feature that will take a user directly to the selected jurisdiction or town. This view also contains the ability to search for properties by owner name or tax map number (quick search), 911 address (address search), or Street/Route number searches. The question mark icons next to the search name give tips on how to search successfully and accurately. The sketch tools available on this selection will create temporary drawings on top of your viewing area. 


Refer to the help selection to view all functions and tools available. Hover the computer mouse over each tool to learn more about a particular tool function. This is the primary means for interacting with the map.