The County Zoning Ordinance defines how property in each zoning district can be used and what can be built. It outlines procedures for establishing and expanding businesses and for obtaining permits, such as Special Use Permits  and Home Business Permits. It also establishes a process for rezoning a property. 

Once a rezoning application is received, the review by County staff and outside agency staff usually takes about eight weeks. However, the time can vary, depending on when the required public hearings can be scheduled. 

 Rezoning Process: 

  1. Applicant participation in a recommended Pre-application Meeting to receive early input from County and agency staff. (Contact the Department of Community Development for more information and scheduling.)
  2. Submission of complete application.  
  3. Staff and agency application review and comments from the County departments of Building, Engineering, Planning, Fire & Rescue, Public Works, Environmental, Zoning, Economic Development, and Public Schools; Virginia Department of Health (VDH); and Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). Other applicable agencies may be contacted, if needed.
  4. Notification letters of public hearings mailed to adjoining landowners.
  5. Rezoning sign placed on property in public view and drone video taken for presentation purposes.
  6. Public hearing advertisement placed in the local newspaper.
  7. Planning Commission public hearing, review, and recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.
  8. Board of Supervisors public hearing, review, and final rezoning determination. The decision to approve or deny the rezoning request is ultimately determined by the Rockingham County Board of Supervisors.

The applicant, or representative, is encouraged to attend both public hearings.

Pre-application Form
Rezoning Application 

Incorporated Towns 

Rockingham County has seven incorporated Towns: 
Mt. Crawford

 Each Town has its own zoning ordinance which applies to any property within that Town’s corporate limits. The City of Harrisonburg is independent of Rockingham County and has a separate zoning ordinance which applies to any property within city limits. Contact the respective locality for information on their rezoning process.