Broadband Project

All Points Broadband Project (VATI 2022)

Rockingham County is pleased to be a partner of and recipient on the All Points Broadband project. It means that the vast majority of our residents will have broadband access in the coming years, and we are glad to be an advocate for that important mission.

Questions about connectivity must be directed to All Points ( and the providers because they are the ones that will do the work. This page will update, in general terms, the information that providers give us.

Make-ready construction has begun (Q2 2023). This phase of the project is focused on low level design and the pole attachment make-ready process. In order to mitigate risk, a significant queue of designed and permitted fiber miles will be generated prior to fiber construction.

The phase where connectivity is brought to individual homes, or last-mile construction, will begin in early-2024 and continue through summer 2025.

Residents will be notified approximately 60-90 days before service becomes available at their address.   All service levels are eligible for the federal Affordable Connectivity Program discount. The variable component (what some ISPs refer to as a long drop fee) of a standard installation will be waived for the first 12 months following serviceability to a location.

Residents should visit to confirm their inclusion in the project and preregister for notifications. Preregistration is not required to participate in the grant-funded project.


How do I find out if my home is included in the project?
To determine if you are in the project area or to notify All Points Broadband for unserved areas with existing cable/fiber areas ineligible for grant, register at

Where can I register my address? 
Please visit All Points Broadband

When will my home receive service?
Once customer installations are available within an area, All Points Broadband will notify potential customers roughly 90 days in advance. If you registered through All Points Broadband, they will also notify you directly.  

How much will an installation cost?
The standard installation fee is $199. Long drop charges, or those locations with more than 500-foot service drops, will be charged the standard installation fee for the first 12 months, regardless of length. After the first 12 months locations will have a transparent and fair per foot charge over 500 feet.

How much will the service cost and what type of services will be provided by APB?
The following are the four speed tier plans that are fully symmetrical, meaning upload and download speeds are the same. The monthly fees noted below are subject to change, but are the estimated monthly costs based on the grant application.

50/50 mbps $59.99/month

100/100 mbps $79.99/month

500/500 mbps $99.99/month
1/1 gbps $109.99/month

* APB will also notify you of available affordable internet cost programs through State and Federal programs.

All Points Broadband Rockingham County Update - January 10, 2024