How do I become a foster parent?

  1. Attend an Orientation session to learn more about the certification process.

  2. Complete Pre-Service Training (PRIDE) = (4-6 weeks / 5:30pm-8:30pm weeknights and 9am-3pm weekends)

  3. Submit application for dual certification. The application will be handed out during the PRIDE training. Turn in as soon as possible to start the Mutual Family Assessment.

  4. Start the Mutual Family Assessment process. The first visit will be in the HRSSD office. The next 2-3 are in your home. One will include a safety inspection of your home.

  5. Complete fingerprinting for all adult members 18 and over in the household. Complete Child Protective Services checks for all family members over 18 years old.

  6. Compete a TB test and provide documentation of the test results and a physician’s statement.

  7. Complete DMV checks.

  8. Provide at least 3 non-relative references

  9. Foster Care Committee meets to review the Mutual Family Assessment and make approval decisions. 

  10. Certification Process is completed!

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