Town of Grottoes

Just west of Shenandoah National Park, the Town of Grottoes has a beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This mountainous proximity has been the cornerstone of this Town’s culture and economy. The historic ore mines that settlers once counted on for their income are now stunning natural wonders that are visited by spelunkers from around the world. Visit the Town of Grottoes website by clicking here.

Famed Caves
America’s second largest caverns, the Grand Caverns in Grottoes, have been open continually since 1806. During the Civil War, the caves were visited by both Confederate and Union soldiers and over 200 verified civil war signatures still remain in the cave today. In addition to the historical significance, the massive underground caverns are stunning geological wonders. And while not as vast as the Grand Caverns, the Fountain Caves are much deeper with some underground rooms reaching three and four stories.

While they’re not quite as well-known as the caves, those in the know always make it a priority to attend the September festivals in Grottoes.
·       Bluegrass Festival – early September
·       Harvest Festival – mid-September